1966 Dodge Charger.

Last page update 11/10/13

Picking it up May 16, 2010.

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This photo taken the day I started to take it apart in June 25, 2010.

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Most Current Photos

As of 11/10/13

Taken 8/18/12 working on the interior.

I installed Fat Mat on floor for heat and sound reduction.

Assembly of center counsel starts.

I like to keep the car covered as much as possible to protect the paint while I'm working on it. I got a bunch of soft blankets to keep on the car. Use heavier towels to protect doors edges.



Taken 2/7/12 just got home from paint shop


(below taken 12/20/11)

At the body shop, getting the final paint job.

(below taken 12/11/11)


Just about ready to come home

Final paint photos should be taken by the end of the week.

(below taken 3/29/11)

Temporary engine controls are installed upper right. This is to be able to start her and drive her on the tow truck to move it to the paint shop. I have installed a temp gauge too.

Installing the engine, used lots of blankets to keep the engine compartment paint from getting scratched. It worked good.

(below taken 3/11/11)

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I am planning to just get it running, safe. Then I will drive it for a while to a couple of shows. After a month or so, I will completely disassemble it and restore it right.

The emblems are in fair shape, I will clean them up and touch up the paint.

I have to replace the deteriorating rubber hose on power steering.


Changed front brakes from drum to disk. I used a plate from Scarebird. Have all the disk assembly together except the master cylinder and hoses. Have run into big problem, the stock rims won't fit over the disks and I have already purchased and mounted 5 new tires for them. I am currently corresponding with Scarebird to find out what to do about it. Except for this little problem the whole conversion so far has been quite easy.


Scarebird has informed me that their conversion will not work with my 14" original rims. This info is  not related to the buyer on the web before the purchase is made. I talked to the tire people, they will take the tires back and sell me larger ones. However now I have to buy 5 rims of some kind, probably another 700 bucks, not in the budget.

Update on the update:

I have since purchased a set of Cragar Keystone 32 classic mags, with Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires.

My overall opinion on Scarebird is:

The adapter plate they sell seems to work properly. however the instruction sheet could be a lot more detailed and a little more professional looking. I was furnished with a single sheet of instructions, with no illustrations or warnings about wheel size. On a scale of 1 (great) to 10 (sucks), I give them a 2 on the parts and installation and a 8 on instructions.

Rebuilt the rear brakes, including new brake cylinders and new drums.

The interior is in great condition. Just replaced 1 new arm rest on drivers door, and a lot of carpet.

I had to clean out junk inside doors and heater/air box shows signs of water leaks.

Gas tank has now been removed. It was full of rust sludge, glad it wasn't hooked up to engine. The current gas tank was a water bottle with a hose stuck in it. Works good, not very good range though. New gas tank should be here any day.


New tank has arrived.


Tank and other parts are painted, top of tank coated with rubberized undercoating.

Mmmmm, think I should have used the old gas sending unit?

Got a new carb too. I also replace all the fuel lines and hoses.

Darn I was expecting a new Idler Arm.

 But it was just the replacement for the broken cat.


Got the money for the tranny rebuild, started to pull the engine.


My car was supposed to have a 727 tranny in it, but it had a 904.

It also seams to  have a 67 Plymouth Belvedere engine in it too.

Putting the engine back together now.

Striping of the paint.

Engine compartment.

Even in the garage one needs entertainment.

Thanks to my wife for putting up with me and my cars.

Thanks to Ascues Auto Body painting and Sherman Williams for the paint.

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