This page is dedicated to the preservation on antique cars. Restore them, never crush them.

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More than a thousand car show, car museum, and miscellanies car photos are listed after my cars at bottom of the page.

See photo of me with Robin Trower.

Last update 6/16/2021.

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My 1955 Lone Star

Admiral Sport


All aluminum 14' speed boat.




My 2007 Harley Davison

Sportster 1200



My friends 1967 Ford Econoline.

I put a 300ci straight 6 in it, with a automatic transmission.

I just spent 3 yrs restoring it. He says he might paint it, but I like it just the way it is.



My 55 Baby Bird


Pick on the photo to go to the 55 baby bird restoration page.


For Sale


contact yezot@yahoo.com


My 03 Baby Bird.


All the cars in these photos have been sold except the 55 T-Bird.



My 66 Charger

Project started June 2010.

The charger has been sold.


Chris's (My wife) 1940 Chevy Special Deluxe 4dr

Project started April 2011

Finished date August 2012

Guess who's car made it on the cover of a magazine.

(pick on image for larger view)

Won 1st place Un-restored at its 1st car show June 2013. Photos added.

Sorry this car has been sold.


My 1976 VW Sunbug

(sold) gone but not forgotten




Photos of car shows, trips, and other miscellaneous stuff. 

More stuff to come.


Most of these photos were taken by me, a few were sent to me.

Trip and cruise where I met several famous artists.

The 20th annual Hemingway Bar-B-Que Shag Festival

Lowes Speedway, Foodlion Auto Fair September Classic Car Show 2009

Lowes Speedway, Foodlion Auto Fair April Classic Car Show 2010

My sons 1967 cougar I built for him

The 2nd Annual Carolina Open Car Classic & Hot Rod Run Dec 2008

Day at the races at the Dorchester Drag strip with my Mopar club

Advance Auto Show Goose Creek, SC Feb  2011

Gas station museum I found while driving back roads in NC

My trip to a junk yard near Charlotte NC

Low Country Travelers Club Car Show

James Island Christian School Lions Car & Bike Show 2010

Low Country VW Club Car Show

Royal Ace Hardware Open Car, Truck & Bike Show 2009

My Miata

American Gas Pump Heaven Museum Dover Ohio

Private auto museum I found while driving back roads in Ohio

My day trip to the VW savage yard.

Small show November 2010

Mount Pleasant Show Nov  2010

55 truck for sale at side of road

See photo of me with Robin Trower.

Lowcountry Shine & Swappe Car Show

View my classics (and not so classics *).

View other peoples classics (and not so classics *).

* but still cool.



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