Private auto museum I found while driving back roads in Ohio

A service station replica in a back yard is what attracted me to this place. Me being completely car crazy I had to stop and ask about it.

The owner, we will call Bill, was happy to show me the station. This is a private collection so I won't disclose the city he was in.

However he Forced me to look in the other building 1st (just kidding). The collection of auto collectibles and cars I was about to see brought tears to my eyes. Chargers, Super Birds, Magnums, and more, Oh My. The Magnum shown has only 44 miles on it, with a non registered title.

We listened to James Gang on a 8 track as we walked around.

This is the rest. He turned on all the neon lights for me.

By the way, the service station had his wife's collectables in it, some pretty cool stuff in there too.

While I was there Bill showed me a pamphlet about a gas pump museum called "Gas Pump Heaven Museum".

So I went there on my way home. (only 300 miles out of the way). We stopped in Amish country on the way there, great cheese and wines made there.

Photos from that visit will be posted soon. The address and phone are in photo below. My whole family loved it, it was an amazing place.

Later on the trip we saw this truck in a old shed next to the road.