1955 Ford - Thunderbird.

She has been named Dahlia.

Last page update 2/6/2021

This photo was taken in Mass. when I picked it up on 6/24/2014.


These are photos taken on the way home.




These photos were taken when I got home.



The 40A, and the 2 other A's have been lightly traced in photo so you can read them better. The serial number and description code is raised on the plate, only the paint is wearing off.

Dahlia Info;

Serial Number  P5FH207671      

Original 1955 cost $3151

16155 were produced during 1955

Only 10% made were manual shift

Decoded SN;

  P=292ci 193 hp




  2=(not sure why its there)

  07671=consecutive number


Description code: 40A A A 18E DI 203

Decoded description code;

40A=body type Thunderbird

A color=Raven black

A trim=white and black

18E=made on May/18/1955

DI=Philadelphia district dealer

203=scheduled item number




 Pages below are broke down so they are not so large that they take forever to load.


Pick for "The teardown begins."

Pick for "Reinstalling the new floors"

Pick for "Stripping the paint and body repair"

Pick for "Left front fender repair"


As I continue to strip the paint off I run into more areas of tin and pop rivets, too many photos to put in. I am working on the doors right now. Drivers door was in fairly good shape, only a couple of tin surprises. The passenger door was in good shape on outside but i had to replace a bunch of metal on the bottom and replace a broken window post.

Pick for "The doors get back together"

Pick for "Engine compartment" recent add

It now has air conditioning, and 12v alternator.

Pick for "Trunk" recent add

I have installed a stainless steel gas tank, looks great, will get photos next time I have it up in the air. Its hard to photograph a gas tank while the car is on the ground.

Pick for "Power disk brakes"

Pick for "Dash, Wiring and Upholstery"

Pick for "Tonneau Cover and Top"

Pick for "The final paint" New postings


More to come.

There is a lot more done, I have the photos but it takes time to edit photo size and put it together, have patience cause I don't. I can't wait to get the car done and drive it and post all the photos for anyone else that is interested.



This is a model of my T-bird, it is the color that I'm painting it. The original color was Raven Black, but i like the Turquoise better.


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