Dash, Wiring and Upholstery.

Last update 8/28/2016


This is what I started with.

With help from diagrams like this, it makes it easier to restore the wires to original locations.

Locating wires under dash.

New wires in trunk.

New wires under hood.


Wiring for power seats.



How do you hide modern relay in plain sight? Put it inside the now unused voltage regulator.

I took the voltage regulator apart and gutted it. Inside I installed the relay to operate the electric fan. A 25 amp fuse is located inside the box with it.

I sealed the holes with silicone.






Big black box mounted in center of  dash is an electronic speedometer driver.

It converts the electronic signal the T5 transmission to mechanical drive in dash.

Full heating and air conditioning is to the right of the Speedo box.

After repositioning the Speedo box 3 more times, I was finally able to insert the dash.

Just getting started on the upholstery. I will be finishing the wiring and installing the steering wheel soon.


Getting there.

Took her outside today and took some photos. This is what she looks like right now. Big difference to what I started with.

Almost ready for final smoothing/sanding.

Having to take out the radiator stuff, had leak in new water pump gaskets. Also decided to replace radiator and install an electric fan.





















I am going to have to replace the steering column. I hope the steering wheel will fit new column.



Once I have the water leaks fixed, I will start the engine, charge the air, and take for 1st test drive.

I am still waiting for the brake people to send me the right length emergency cable. I hope the 3rd time is the charm.


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