1955 Ford - Thunderbird.

Last leg, final paint prep.

Last post 8/16/2017


The final paint prep has begun. Because I am horrible at finishing work I have hired a good friend whose family has been in the auto body business since he was born to come finish the sanding (blocking). He has fixed most of the surfaces and expects to be done in the next week. We hope to have it painted by next week.


Took her to a car show. Put her in the restoration class. She got her 1st trophy.

At the body shop now.

Now we have moved the car down to the body shop on a Saturday so we can paint it over the weekend. It has been sanded, primed and sanded again. Now for the paint.

This is Tory Ascue, I will be assisting him in the painting. He also did 99% of the block sanding.

Next day, Sunday morning getting ready to put on the lights and drive her home.

I had to replace the stock rims because they wouldn't fit over the disk brakes without a spacer. And when you put the spacers on the hubcaps wouldn't clear the fender skirts.

Took the bumpers to the chrome shop dude last week end. I hope to have them finished by Sunday the 14th of May. He is going to let me come up to Charlotte NC and help him with the final chroming steps. I have tried to be part of all parts of this restoration.

Bumpers are back



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