1955 Ford - Thunderbird.

Stripping the paint and body repair




When stripping paint, I found some Bondo, when stripping it off I found more of Mr. Poprivet's repairs. He puts his repairs right over the rust.

After stripping off the upper layer, I found all the metal underneath was rusted out too.

All cut away. I welded in both layers of metal.

All repaired. Notice, No!!! Bondo used.

After removing 5 separate pieces of tin and an inch of Bondo and 50 pop rivets (see all the holes) I opened up the damaged area.

I pealed back the original sheet metal around the window to expose more holes on the inner panel, going completely into the passenger compartment. This is some of the reasons the floors were completely rotted out.

I covered the area with rust inhibitor paint and replaced all the holes in the metal under panel.

I have welded the upper panel back in and replaced all the lead work, just like it came from the factory.

I had to rebuild the area around the door. This took putting the door on and off at least 10 times to make sure they would match up right.

Now to fix the area on the other side, same area.

It started as a small repair at the front of the door, started!!!

As i cut away more and more, I found more rust underneath.

And more underneath.

So I ended up cutting out all this, to include the top of the door post tower.

An hour later I had made a new door post tower top.

Fit perfect.

Welded in and rust protected now.

Had to remake the area the door fits into. It too took multiple door fittings to get it just right.

It was a difficult part to put in because it had bends in several different directions.

Ready for the next layer.

I used a cardboard cutout to make this piece.

Fitting it into place.

Welded in.

Fit was checked again with door.

1st leading. I use a rasp file to do the general shaping.

Then I use a finer file, and eventually a sander.

The window frame was repaired at the same time.

Almost there.

A very thin coat of Bondo will make everything look perfect. Remember your Bondo should never be much thicker than a piece of paper or you didn't do it right in the 1st place.


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