Photos from Feb 2013 trip.

New York


Worlds Fair these were used for space ships in "Men in black" (left) Time Square (right)

Naked Cowboys on Time Square (left)               A living Liberty (right)

Norwegian Jewel (left)        NY Port (right)



Empire State from ship as leaving (left) New building on World Trade spot (right)

As seen from port facilities (left)     Taken as we left port (right)

Our balcony on ship, nice view.

From back of ship at private island  (left) Private island (right)

At Nassau, that's our ship behind us  (left) This boat was docked right behind our ship (right)

arrow is pointing at our room                                                                                      

Atlantis Resort  (left) Nassau port facility (right)

Leaving Nassau

Two great paintings from Victor Spahn, I hope to own both some day.

More from Victor  (left) Victor Spahn in person (right)

More Victor  (left) Victor Spahn and me in person (right)

Left to right Chris, Victor, Walt (me), with one of his painting we bought.


Somehow I failed to have photos of the other artist I met, when I find them I will post them.

During this trip I met  Peter Max, Victor Spahn, Dominic Pangborn, and a newcomer artist 11 yr old Autumn DeForest.

Peter Max needs no introduction, this is the second time I have met him. He is a delightful person to talk to. I own several of his works.

Victor Spahn is a French Artist, the motion of his paintings are unique. He is an outgoing, very friendly person, who I have had the pleasure of meeting twice, also. I am looking forward to meeting him again. I own some of his, hope to get more in future.

Dominic Pangborn is a outgoing person. He calls himself an Evolutionist. I had several long conversations with him and found him to be very likeable. I own some of his, hope to get more in future too. 

Autumn DeForest is an 11 yr old that has been painting since she was 5. Her work was very interesting and full of life, she will go far. Sorry Autumn, just not on my walls. As a note, Chris did like some of her work, I think a painting of a pair of tennis shoes was one.  As she gets older I feel her work will appeal to me more, her work should mature as she does.



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