Body shots:

The body was removed from the chassis. All the fenders, hood, rear deck lid, and doors have been removed.
 I have the body suspended between 2 engine stands, using home made adapters. (primitive but works)
The sun roof and all mechanisms have been remove. I'm going to replace all working parts.
Both of the doors were removed striped of all paint, and chrome parts. Airplane paint striper worked fine. Took off about 6 paint jobs.
The best way to store body parts, I found is to hang them from the ceiling.
Parts everywhere. Note: see bicycle project still hanging on the wall (unfinished).
The bike has be restored now. This is a late 1960's Gitane French touring bike.

Tire had been rubbing on break line. Almost cut through.
At body shop now. Gold has been trimmed in.
Body man wasn't happy with my body work, so he reworked some areas.
Didn't like the fender work either.......
Well, he did a good job, I do have to admit.
The car was then taken back apart for the parts to be painted separately.
All laid out waiting for tape and paper to be removed. The parts were put back on car and taken back to paint booth.
In paint booth. Being touched up.
Sunny says, there's no place like home. But.... not even close to being done, notice no glass or rear hood on car yet.
Putting headlights in. After market headlight frames didn't fit right, had to do a lot of bending to make them right.
Sunbug stripes.
New wheels are great. Factory gold and silver, matched fine.

Sorry I'm holding on the the original steel wheels.

All the shrouding matches the car. But shroud didn't fit the car right, it was made for fuel injection. had to repaint original shroud. Stuck with new shrouding, oh well.
Mostly together now. Can't put all the glass in till I get the headliner in.
The back of the car is mostly done now. Custom tag has arrived.

Sunny and Me. 

1st place trophy for best foreign car. See more photos from car show elsewhere on this website. Follow link here.
Sunny's 1st car show.
Sunny after 5 shows.