After separating the body from the chassis I found may spots where the metal was pitted under the rubber weather seals.
The rear floor pans were rusted through on both sides. 
Some other spots had rust through too.
These were all repaired with metal.
Even small pitting was repaired.
All the rust was ground off before repairs were done.
After sanding all the floor pan areas off, it was painted to keep rust from getting worse.
I used frame paint. Its a little thicker than standard paints.
Moved outside for better light and room.
Using a engine lift, I set the frame on its side and cut out the all the rusted through floor pans.
1st pan has been welded in.
New pan insert is striped of all paint and all seams welded up.
After welds are ground down, lead is use to fill gaps. (Not really lead anymore, some kind of lead-free zinc I think.)
Both rear floor pans were replaced.
Large gaps were filled in with metal, ground down then lead was used instead of bondo. If taken care of floors should last forever.
Great care was taken to line everything up and weld it in straight.
The pan was then painted with several coats of frame paint.
I'm not the greatest in the world, but I think it turned out very well.
The pitting along the rails were repaired with lead too. It makes the weather seal work better.
Just another photo, nothing I can really say that ain't been said. (Sorry bout the bad grammar.)
Back inside and upside down. Bottom has as much care taken on it as the top part of the pan.
Finished pan from bottom.
I used chassis black epoxy paint. Then use plastic undercoating.


Now its ready to start reassembly.